MTC service is authorized service for Krone semi-trailers.

Our service also offers post-warranty repairs of trucks.: Mercedes - Benz, Renault, M.A.N. and Scania.

Besides the standard service and repair of trucks and trailers, we also offer the sale of spare parts and we provide additional services related to service activities. We also carry out repairs of passenger cars of all brands and our services also include a complete truck and passenger tire service.

Truck and semi-trailer service

We provide regular vehicle service, emergency service, mobile 24h service, repair and
assembly of accessories. We can provide original and non-original spare parts for your
service and repair.

Our service offer is as follows service, maintenance and repair of trucks and cars

Mobile service for trucks and trailers

As part of the MTC s.r.o. activity we carry out a NON-STOP service.
Through our service vehicle we can eliminate defects, whether on your vehicles on the road or anywhere in the Czech Republic. Within the time-saving utilization of your vehicles and their overhead kilometers, which are caused by going to service stations, we are also able to provide repairs at pre-arranged locations (both on weekdays and on weekends).

This is a very frequently used service e.g. at continuous projects or vehicles that are seeded on time-consuming projects, e.g. repairs of tarpaulins, their travel, electrical installation etc.

The service vehicle is equipped with its own power plant, which enables use of practically all available mobile tools, including diagnostics and a CO welding machine, compressor and other special equipment.

Mobile washing of trucks and trailers

Mobility saves your time and costs.

We will do the cleaning works at your designated place or directly in your company's premises within the Czech Republic, through our mobile washing service. The service is equipped with its own source of washing water, power plant etc.

Our means are fully ecological, i.e. safe (they are not denoted by any harmful classification) and they are also gentle to your vehicles and are usable virtually anywhere.

By definition, we are holders of the ES Safety Data Sheet No. 1907/2006, article 31, enclosure II.

Furthermore, within the framework of mobility, we offer technological washing directly in your company's premises, e.g. washing loading ramps, guard-rails, forklifts, etc.

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